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Welcome friend! I've written in a journal for as long as I can remember so sharing a blog with you seemed like a no brainer cause' I love to write!
Here you'll find insights and tips on all things personal development, how to live a fulfilling life, entrepreneurship, and so much more.
Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and get comfy!

If you love to journal like I do, check out one of my faves!

one of my favorite journals


Living in line with my values has helped me experience so much more joy and fulfillment in my life. Get started with discovering yours here!

How Knowing my values changed my life


Feeling lost isn't a fun place to be. So check this blog out for your how to guide on creating your very own life map!

How to create a map for your life vision


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I believe one of the first steps toward living a more meaningful and fulfilling life is getting to know and understand your personal values. Your values are a set of beliefs and guiding principles that act as the foundation for every choice you make and every action you take. They’re the things that are the […]

How Knowing My Values Changed My Life