How to Manifest the Life You Want to Live

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Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get whatever they want in life or how things just always seem to go their way? Want to know the secret? Manifestation. Here’s how to manifest the life you want to live.

So, what is manifestation? It’s creating something tangible from your beliefs, your thoughts, and your actions. And when your beliefs, thoughts, and actions are aligned, it’s as if real magic starts to happen in your life. And this magic is readily available for all of us to use in our lives whenever we want.

Manifestation may seem magical, but it’s very real. Because in order to manifest anything, it takes very real action, and those actions don’t come from the tip of a wand or the wave of a hand while making a wish. I see the power of manifestation in my own life all the time and I want to share these powers with you.

There’s so many amazing thought leaders in our world that speak about the power of manifestation and one of my favorite authors on this is Gabrielle Bernstein. I love her books Super Attractor:Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and The Universe Has Your Back. She explains manifestation as being a collaboration between you and the Universe. I love this idea because it makes me feel as though I have the most powerful partner ever! A partnership where failure isn’t an option.

Start thinking of your life plan as if you aren’t working on it solo, but rather you’re working towards those goals with a really powerful partner; the Universe. And hold the belief that the Universe always wants what’s best for you. You gotta be on the same page with the Universe, which means you gotta want what’s best for you too in order for what you want to come true; for the magic to reveal itself!

Imagine the Vision for Your Life

While manifesting anything does require real action, it starts out in your imagination. It’s intentionally spending time thinking about and visualizing exactly what you want for yourself. It’s seeing it so clearly that you can describe it in detail, and you actually start to feel what it would feel like to have achieved that thing. It’s thinking of having already achieved that goal of yours and feeling what it feels like to already be at the finish line. Thinking of all the ways it might positively impact your life to be there, to have that thing, and fully embodying all the good feels that come along with those thoughts.

Ask The Universe & Show Gratitude

You have to choose to believe that what you’re imagining, that the vision you have for your life CAN be your reality. You have to open up your mind and your heart to that life you want for yourself and decide that you’re ready to receive it, then ask the Universe for it. This is a crucial step in manifesting. Being closed off to it and not believing it’s possible for you sends the wrong signals out to the Universe. You want to send the message to the Universe that you want it, you’re ready for it, and you believe it can happen for you. All while expressing gratitude for the things you already have and the life you’re already being blessed with living. Gratitude is key in the manifestation process, don’t skip over this part.

Tony Robbins is famous for saying “Where focus goes, energy flows” and it’s so true. The energy you put out into the Universe is absolutely the energy you’ll get back. Manifestation is so much more than positive thoughts and good vibes though. Without aligned actions, those positive thoughts don’t have anything to stick to.

Create Your Plan of Aligned Actions

You have to plan for how you’ll achieve that life you want and it’s step by step taking the actions that are aligned with it. These actions are what start to turn your dreams into your reality.

And if you want to take the actions that serve you best in life, you need to start by thinking positive thoughts. Because our actions flow from how we feel and how we feel comes from how we think. So, an important step to manifesting, is shifting your mindset away from those limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back. Thoughts and beliefs like “I don’t deserve that” or “I’m not good enough”. Those kind of thoughts are certainly not the thoughts that are aligned with what the Universe wants for you.

Shift Your Mindset

Shift into a growth mindset. Believe that whatever you want is possible for you. Believe in yourself and in your capacity to create positive change in your life with the help of the Universe. Believe in your capability to try new things and to learn new things along the way that will support your journey towards creating the life of your dreams. You are 100% capable of creating exactly the life you want to live. With the help of The Universe and the will to succeed, you’ll be unstoppable as you tap into the magic and power of manifestation.

Here’s how to manifest in 5 steps:

*The most important thing is that you hit all the steps, not so much that you hit them in perfect order.

1.Be grateful for what you already have. Practicing gratitude daily is the best way to go, but especially at times when you’re asking for something more in your life. When we ask for more, more, more without being grateful for what we already have, we are sending messages of lack and greed to the Universe and those are not rewarded.

2. Imagine what you want for yourself. Spend time in your mind visualizing it and letting your body feel the emotions it brings on. This will leave a beautiful imprint in your mind. This is the ‘focus’ part of “where focus goes, energy flows”.

3.Have a growth mindset. Work through any limiting beliefs you have around yourself or the life you’re trying to create. If you feel resistance towards it, you need to work through that. Because you must choose to believe that what you want is possible for you and that you can figure out how to make it happen.

4.Then ask the Universe for it. You can write it down, vision board it out, meditate or pray on it, or all of the above! Do what feels good for you. Keep in mind that writing things down is a proven way to ensure a higher chance that you follow through. It’s also a fun way to have evidence that you manifested something. When your vision comes true, you can go back to where you wrote about it and be amazed at the magic that just took place in your life! Pro Tip: The more often you write down your manifestation, the higher the chances of it happening. Write it down every single day. Make it part of your daily routine. This will fuel your actions around it and be a constant reminder to the Universe of just how important this thing is to you.

5.Create the plan and start setting goals. Then start working your plan and give yourself some grace along the way because manifestation isn’t typically an overnight job. Be patient and trust the process. Hold on to your belief in self for as long as it takes and like Gabrielle Bernstein says, trust that the Universe will have your back.

Believe in Yourself

Your ongoing belief in self, matched with intention & aligned action will attract that life you desire. Remember that you’re the only person who truly knows what you want. And you’re the only person who can make it happen. With the help of the Universe of course! So, if you’re ready to start living the life you want to live, manifest it!

And if you need help with imagining the vision you have for your life, creating a plan of action on how you’ll achieve it, and getting past any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back in life, I’m here to help! Click here to learn more about working with me as your Coach.

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